Surety is used to protect the faithful fulfillment of obligations provided for in public or private contracts and legal proceedings. The product has proven to be a very efficient tool, bringing great benefits to companies when compared to other forms of guarantee. Among the main advantages of the product are:

The types of insurance are classified into:

  • Traditional: Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Payment Advance, Payment Retention and Special ICMS Regime, among others.
  • Non-Traditional: Judicial, Energy Payment, Rent Payment, Completion and Financial.

Currently, the product has been widely used in the judicial sphere. To support our clients, we have a technical team made up of lawyers who work directly with the legal department of the company and we also have extensive support material and mapping of insurance acceptance nationwide. We work together with our clients to define the best strategy and align the defenses to be adopted. Our technical staff works in the drafting of defense and follow-up on the dispatch of petitions with judges and prosecutors.

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